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About Us

Who is Givori

Givori, a part of Axiom Telecom LLC, is a luxury accessorizer specializing in mobile art using high quality materials to create a fashion accessory targeting fashion conscious customers.

Givori masterpieces are designed by a group of skilled designers that draw on expertise from varied fields such as fine jewelry, art, architecture, and model-making. Givori holds exclusive rights to all its custom-made designs from collaborating designers around the world.

Every piece is prepared and covered by hand. Each item requires days of work, from the design idea to the meticulous positioning of each element to create uniform rows after rows. Handcrafted in Italy and certified by the “Instituto per la Tutelar del Produttori Italiani”.

The Name

The name ‘Givori’ was derived from the Italian word Giovani, which means ‘the new generation’. The name aims to envisage today’s young generation who expect nothing less than the best and crave the latest fashion trends, which is what Givori products stand for.


To design and create each and every cell phone as a masterpiece in its own right, each as if it were a piece of a jewelry.

Mission Statement

Being unique is not important, it’s EVERYTHING.